What is the StaySAFER Network?

YHD's StaySAFER Network™ technology is a key component of a comprehensive Risk Management and/or Emergency Management program focused on controlling and/or eliminating risks while protecting capital and earnings.

The StaySAFER Network delivers an opportunity to identify risks and threats before they become disasters, injuring individuals and/or facilities, destroying your brand and profits. Sexual misconduct and harassment, bullying, fraud, professional misconduct, gun and other violence, even terrorism – all of these can be drastically reduced. Immediately.

The StaySAFER Network is appropriate for workplaces, schools, churches, hospitals, critical infrastructure, large venue arenas and malls, government agencies, food and/or transportation services and others.

The StaySAFER Network leverages local knowledge, human intelligence (HUMINT), communications and other necessary tools with technology. It has a proven and successful history with federal, state and local homeland security, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, corporate security and others. The StaySAFER Network is a hosted, turnkey solution allowing you to focus on reducing and managing your organization's risk – not the technology.

The StaySAFER Network is branded to reflect your organization and customized to recruit the types of information, intelligence and people necessary to implement or enhance your existing risk management programs.

KEY FEATURES are focused in four areas that, historically, have proven necessary for successful risk and emergency management.

  • INTELLIGENCE: Facilitates the collection, processing, analysis and response to information and intelligence from reports of unusual, unethical or suspicious activities, locations, individuals, vehicles and more. More information here.
  • PEOPLE: Dynamically identify those who need to know now, those who can prevent before, those who need to act after and those who are trained to help during any emergency. More information here.
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Includes the full spectrum of communication options to facilitate sharing information and actionable intelligence before, during and after emergencies. More information here.
  • STUFF: Delivers 24/7 universal secure access to the Stuff you need so you can initiate prevention, response and mitigation actions immediately from anywhere. Your Stuff may include Emergency Response Plans, blueprints, equipment, supplies and so on. You know what you have and what you'll need, we help you recruit, inventory, dispatch and manage it. More information here.

KEY BENEFITS supporting your success:

  • The StaySAFER Network leverages your knowledge, experience, policies, procedures and goals. The StaySAFER Network is designed to facilitate and support your success by delivering proven, award-winning technologies that work with your current or developing program's structure.
  • The StaySAFER Network is Internet based so all you need is an Internet enabled device such as computer, tablet or phone to access the full range of tools and features. We provide training and everything else.

Contact YHD Software for additional information about the StaySAFER Network™. We can be reached at 817-589-2200 or request a quote or more information here.
* U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
* U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation