About YHD Software

YHD Software delivers award winning Risk Management and Emergency Management solutions.

We support organizations focused on security in their environment. These environments may include communities, schools, workplaces, hospitals, critical infrastructure facilities, large venue arenas and malls, government agencies, food and/or transportation services and others. Increasing safety and managing risk are fundamental to everyone, everywhere.

YHD solutions address the recommendations from countless investigations, including the 9/11 commission, numerous reports and many guidelines which have identified, legislated and mandated the need to improve intelligence and information sharing capabilities.

YHD developed a unique and effective way to "collect the dots" which is a vital step before anyone can "connect the dots". In September 2001, YHD deployed the first web-based Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) system. During initial field testing at the FBI, more than 300 investigations were immediately launched based on the intelligence collected – both domestic and international.

Tom Ridge, Secretary of Homeland Security, described YHD's unique technology as "desperately needed after September 11th." The Director of the FBI stated that YHD's solutions provided "outstanding assistance" in connection with its investigative efforts and "immeasurable help" to the FBI. YHD has been recognized and commended for its successful design, implementation and support during many catastrophic man-made and natural disasters.

YHD's StaySAFER Network™ is a revised and enhanced version of our earliest, acclaimed technologies which have a proven and successful history with federal, state and local homeland security, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, corporate security and others. Learn more about the StaySAFER Network here.

YHD is a woman-owned, privately held Texas corporation centrally located in Fort Worth, Texas. For additional information about the StaySAFER Network™, reseller, investment and other opportunities, YHD can be reached at 817-589-2200.
* U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
* U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation