Workplace Sexual Harassment

Don't Be The Last To Know

• sexual assault • sexual harassment • hostile work environment • bullying • hazing • workplace espionage •
• ethics violations • professional misconduct • on-the-job substance abuse • regulatory violations • fraud • more... •

Protect your organization by demonstrating your commitment to providing an environment where these activities –  and others – are not acceptable. Quickly identify and address these before more people are hurt, lives are lost, reputations and careers are ruined, brands and profits are shredded.

Collect first person intelligence and information to initiate investigation and response necessary to interrupt, intercede, correct or otherwise resolve situations that are a threat to safety, security, profits, brand, etc.

Immediate improvement will be seen overall but especially in these two specific areas:Don't Be The Last To Know

  • Instances of abuse will immediately decline as it becomes clear that anyone – employees, customers, vendors, etc. – can quickly and easily report any actions and/or situations that appear to be evidence of a violation of your policies and procedures or demonstrate an abuse of power or a specific danger to your organization or to the public.

  • Rebuilding your brand and reputation will begin immediately as you receive reports of what the reporter believes should receive recognition for someone – employees, customers, vendors – who have exceeded expectations, an individual or team who goes above and beyond, and yes, even random acts of kindness. These reports are processed and shared, as appropriate, to build a new foundation of dignity, courtesy and cooperation.

You can make it clear that your organization does not harbor those who harass, bully, demean and otherwise demoralize others. Publicly establish that your organization's code of conduct, policies and procedures will be followed by all.

YHD delivers an opportunity to get ahead of problems before they escalate into public nightmares. Intelligence can be monitored by your security or other departments and can also be monitored by an independent third-party impartial to company politics.

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